Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/14: Untitled

I don't think I'm generally a "complainer". I like to think that I'm pretty satisfied with what I have in life, and the truth is I'm quite blessed: I have a wonderful wife and beautiful daughter, a decent life, great friends, and a bright future. I do appreciate my good fortune in life, and recognize that one never knows when a simple twist of fate can turn it all around.

Others, however, never cease to amaze me. Some people overcome obstacles I avoid even thinking about. I cannot fathom the sadness that some have experienced, and will likely never be able to appreciate fully just how incredible it is that they have reached the heights they have. All I can do is sit in my seat and admire them for their accomplishments.

On that note...

*Posts of the Day*
Today is the 5th anniversary of the loss of DAG's twins. He relates their story, and reposts just how his loss doesn't compare to the losses of 9/11. Cry your heart out.
I am sitting in the 2nd bedroom in our new apartment. It is a nice new place,
bigger to accommodate our incoming twins. But alas it shall remain empty, a
constant reminder of what we lost.

2 days ago the drs told my wife it didn't look good, a few hours later they told
her it was over.
Now for the rest...
Faith in Nathan asks the same question I've been wondering.

Shoshana is troubled by her class.

SoccerDad honors a military man.

Pearl makes a rainbow.

Ezer K'Negdo wants your recipies, and now!

Sephardi Lady has a great post on money and marriage - and why it's wrong.

Life-of-Rubin rants away on the media. Awesome.

Batya gets a blog makeover - nice!

Jameel has a hilarious Simpsons clip on the World Cup.

And ADDeRabbi has an interesting perspective on manna.
Check it out!