Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pissed Off

I have no way of expressing just how bothered I am not only by the attack this morning which killed 2 Israeli soldiers, injured 6, and resulted in another being kidnapped, but by everything that surrounds it - from the disengagement to the lack of a military response to a weak IDF to Olmert to Peretz to the news media to the sickos who give credence to claims it was retaliation for recent takeouts of terrorists when it was clearly planned for a long time to just about everything. That there are still people - particularly Jewish bloggers - who still give the benefit of the doubt to the Palestinians always and the Israelis never, that blame Israel for attacks against Jews and not the Palestinians, that call out Israel for not having 100% perfect precision when they try their hardest to avoid civilians while never calling out the terrorists for attacking them, disgusts me.

One argument oft-repeated is that we must always look out for the underdog, because they will otherwise be trampled. Well in this case, since every single $%&^ing country and news media organization in the world is looking out for the Palestinians, how about looking out for your brethren who are being murdered for once!? How about acknowledging that a terrorist attack has nothing to do with the targeted killing of a guy from a week ago, when the tunnel used took months to dig? How about NOT equivocating for once, calling it part of a cycle of violence or some other such crap?! How about stating once and for all that these terrorists are sick, sick people who deserve to die, and not any Israeli? A terror attack does not need to kill anyone to be a terror attack. Why the hell don't people realize that!?

I can't continue on this. Read WestBankMama's post. Excerpt:
Believing that the Holocaust was the justification for the State of Israel sets up a sort of macabre installment plan, where Israel is only supported as long as we produce dead Jews.

This fundamental flaw in attitude is shared by too many Jews, both in the Diaspora and in Israel, and it colors how people react to current events such as those of last week.

It causes many, when confronted with the injustice of the one-sided portrayal of the anti-Israel media, to "forget" what is cropped out of the picture. In the case of Sderot, this is the hundreds of kassams that were launched against the civilians in this city. After all, this thinking continues, noone was killed there recently. Without a body, Israel seemingly loses its right to defend itself.
Read the whole thing. Other great posts worth reading...

Trep's rants:

Yet our government can only wag its finger and warn that the next attack... the very next one... will require a strong response. I honestly don't know anymore if I'm reading our press releases or Saeb Erikat's! Oh I know... the main difference is that the Palestinians are actually making good on their promises.

I'm a moderate. I'm a centrist. I'm open minded. I've listened and nodded my head as friends who voted for the current government told me about how things would be different this time. If we would just leave Gaza we would have the freedom to act. If we just give them more confidence building measures and let them elect the government they want we will finally have a partner with whom to negotiate.

F*ck that... and f*ck you if you think I'm going to stay stupid forever!

Joe's lesson:
As far as I am concerned, the lesson of today is that not a single Right winger should be forced to die because of the stupidity of the Left and their leadership.

Since Oslo we have been trying to fight the open stupidity and submission of the Left to Arab terror. Yet we have been denigrated, ignored, beaten, ill-treated by the legal system, deported, and told to be good Victims of Peace.