Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was going to write a sad post about something that happened to a good friend, but Serach asked me not to, and she's probably right.

Instead, I'll post about today's happier events. We went to a very nice engagement party of one of Serach's best friends, Kickboxer, in Passaic tonight. It was really nice without being gaudy or showy or anything of the sort. They didn't waste money on tons of food or the like, and it was a nice simcha even if I knew about 5 people who were there including the couple we came with.

As I mentioned earlier, I accepted a position at a very good accounting firm. The firm is worldwide, and I will be working at one of their branches in Manhattan. I start in September, which means we have a few months to look for a larger apartment here in Kew Gardens Hills... along with everybody else. I think that no less than a dozen individuals and groups of people have asked us about apartments around here in the past two weeks, ranging from a guy looking for a little basement apartment for himself to four girls looking for a large 3-4 bedroom place. The upside is that a lot of people we know (and like) will be living right near us next year, including many really close friends.

A good friend of mine who lives in KGH with his wife and baby had a great reaction to the news. He'd been trying to convince us to stay in New York for another couple of years, as he just finished his first year of law school, and he doesn't know too many people in the neighborhood right now, as a few of our friends finished college and are moving away. Serach ran into him at the bus stop on Queens Boulevard, and...
Serach: Guess what! Ezzie just got a job offer and accepted it!

DG: Really!? Where is it?

Ser: It's at a large firm called -

DG (interrupting): I don't care what it's called! WHERE IS IT?! Baltimore, LA, New York...

Ser: Oh, it's in the city.

DG: So you're staying!

Ser: Ye-

DG: YESSSSS!!!!! Thank God. That's awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
(Okay, maybe you need to know him.)