Thursday, June 01, 2006


WOW. I can't believe I've been doing this for a year. Ironically, I was originally introduced to Blogger & Blogspot by a friend who has almost no clue what a blog is - he just wanted to show me this ridiculous video his friend had put up. We spent a little while doing pretty much everything but what we were supposed to be doing, which was study for an accounting final. After he left, I saw there was a link for "Create Your Own Blog!", and thought, 'Sure, why not?' After putting up a picture of me and Serach, I wrote a quick post about not studying for that final... and a blog was born.

I didn't blog much over the next couple of weeks, mostly putting up links to different things I found with short commentary; I wrote a few posts here and there, but that was it. In July, I really started to write, and most of my best posts were in July and August. (Ouch.) Until the end of August, I did not realize there was an entire "J-blogosphere", and in a way that was better: It kept me at a higher level of writing and discussion. But I was soon sucked in, and I am quite happy about that. I never would have met so many of the wonderful people I have or learned so much if not for the J-blogs.

Anyways, as I said a week ago:
From the guys at the Jester who made me realize there are intelligent people out there, to SoccerDad who showed me the existence of the J-blogosphere and gave me my first link, to Shoshana and PsychoToddler for showing me there are positive, inspiring, and funny people in that sphere, to DovBear and the others whose links sent people here, to the Wall Street Journal for asking to publish one of my posts, and to all the others whose blogs and opinions I've come to enjoy and respect, even when I disagree - thank you all.

It's been wonderful - and iyH will continue to be.