Sunday, June 18, 2006

Too-RON-Oh, here I come?


A good friend is getting married this Wednesday night in Toronto, which, in a huge shock to Canadians everywhere, actually has TWO 'T's in it. (Ahem.) Since he's actually from Milwaukee, it will probably be a really funny place just to listen to people talk.
Milwaukee person: Onh yanh, Tu-rahnto is niyce. Didn'tcha they have the O-limp-ics here a few years ago?

Toronto person: It's not Tuh-ran-o, it's Too-RON-Oh, eh? And we have a really tall pointless building, eh!

Milwaukee person: No, ah'm tellin' ya, Brett Favre won like 18 gold medals, doncha know?

Toronto person: Umm, but we have free* health care, eh.
And then I get to laugh at both of them.

But, I have a problem: I was supposed to go with one friend, but since he had a baby just 4 weeks ago, his son's pidyon haben is Thursday afternoon. We had been planning on driving there and back, leaving our wives and children behind - but now, he's not going.

I've already found a ride TO the wedding with some friends, but they were already taking back someone from the wedding to New York. I can get a ride to Buffalo on Thursday, and a one-way flight isn't too bad right now ($124 on JetBlue), but it's a bit more than I want to spend. Anyone have any ideas? And is anyone (you know who you are) going to be at the wedding, out of curiousity? [I doubt I'll have time to get around Toronto - I think I'm getting in a couple hours before the wedding and leaving the next morning if I do go.]

UPDATE: If I do take the flight back, it would be the 7:15pm flight, which means I'd be in Toronto until early afternoon. Ahem. :)

And David is right - it is in fact Chu-RON-Oh, not Too-RON-oh. Heh.

* It's NOT FREE, DAMMIT!! You pay for it with insane tax rates! ARGH. Stupid Canadians.