Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beautiful Wish for the Future

I find it fascinating that things haven't changed a bit at girls' schools since I attended one. My daughter's take-away message from all of her pre-Shavuot studies? That in Megillat Ruth, Ruth was very "tzniudik" (modest) in how she gleaned in the fields, and that was why Boaz noticed her. I would love, just once, for a teacher to stress the fact that even though Ruth was not Jewish by birth, she was able to marry a great scholar, and have as a descendant David HaMelech, and that this shows us that we have to be accepting of all Jews, whether converts or newly religious, or just those who are different from you. I have a feeling I might be waiting for my kids to get that take-away message for a long time.
May it happen sooner than we think.