Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Due to the way it falls out this year, we're not doing anything special on our anniversary (as opposed to last year, when we were beautifully inspired by the kindness of others), though we hope to do something sometime soon.

It's a strange feeling, being married two years. One year was weird enough, but it has the distinction of being the end of your very first year of marriage. After two years, however, it feels strange - knowing that you're nowhere near newlywed status, but far away from being true "old marrieds." As it is, we seem to have become an advisory couple of sorts to many of our friends (and to our pleasure), and it's strange to think that while they're dating and now getting married, we've already been married not just a short while but two full years. I feel old, and I don't turn 23 for another few weeks. That I always imagined myself as the one who doesn't even think of dating until my mid-20's makes it all the more weird, because here I am: Not quite 23, married two years, a beautiful daughter, and an excellent job awaiting me in the fall.
Thank God, life is good.
Anyways, to my dear wife Serach, have a wonderfully happy anniversary.

I love you!!
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