Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where the Talent Lies

I've always been a decent writer, but I've long felt that I'm a better editor than I am writer. To some extent, that's what a lot of the material on this blog is: My linking to and expanding on posts that others have written all over the blogosphere, particularly among the J-blogosphere.

So, it is of little surprise to me that as I went through the posts from last April until this one, I found about twenty posts that really stood out - and I wrote almost none of them. I've long had an image in my head of how I want to change my header, and one image that always sticks is a red stamp, placed on the bottom right of the word SerandEz, which says: "AND FRIENDS!" Because, while you all may come to see what's out there on a particular day, my favorite posts on this blog - and which have attracted the most discussion - are the ones that other people have written.

Without further ado, here are the posts on SerandEz from the past year which I think are of good enough quality to be nominated for a JIB, but more importantly, are worthwhile re-reads. If you plan on nominating any, please nominate them only if you think they're deserving of nomination - thank you.

In case you're wondering, I'm restricted from nominating as a member of the JIB committee, and honestly - I can't decide from any of these anyway. Not that there's a limit, but I'd feel bad putting in 19 nominations, ya know?

Best Post:
Best Jewish Religious Post:
Best Right-Wing Post:
Best Post Series:
Best Picture/Video in a Blog Post:

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  1. If you actually read Soccer Dad anymore you'd know which one I chose.