Thursday, April 19, 2007


In my college english composition II class today we did a bit of freewriting. The prompt was "What if..."
I'm copying it now from my notebook, verbatim. (except for a few translations from hebrew) Thus, be kind and please forgive the errors. Enjoy...

What if bananas were purple? The world runs on so many rules, so many things need to be constant. We expect to wake up every morning and be able to see and walk and our house will look the same and life will just be typical. But what we don't realize is that bananas don't have to be yellow. The creator of th world can do anything in the blink of an eye. He can make bananas purple, or the sky could fall, or we could all sprout 3rd eyes. He could create a tumor in someone's brain, cause a house to catch on fire, or create an accident on the highway. There is nothing that truly needs to stay constant- G-d just makes it certain things be that way so that He can hide himself in nature. But even the hidden which is constant and normal is a miracle. Who tells our bodies that they need to constantly be breathing and pumping blood and digesting? Weathermen are able to predict the weather, but that's only cuz G-d put in nature the ability to do so- in reality, it could snow in July with no warning (and in Cleveland, you never know!) But sometimes the nature is changed so that we realize there is something more than simply rules of the world. Sometimes we need everything to crash down, for bananas to turn purple, in order for us to remember that there is a plan, that we're here for a reason and we each have something to accomplish. It may be something simple, like a rainy day when you have a class trip planned or a store being out of sugar on Erev Shabbos, but sometimes that's not enough. And that's when G-d sends us the tough wake up calls, the things like illness or money troubles or G-d forbid all the other difficulties out there. That's why it's so important, when things are going well, to see G-d's hand in that too. To have strep throat and be better after a week on penicillin- Chasdei Hashem (A kindness from G-d)! To visit your cute nephew and watch him happily play- Chasdei Hashem! To eat a meal and be satisfied- Chasdei Hashem! Every time something goes smoothly, every time you smile cuz your day just got brightened, every time you attend a Simcha (celebration, like wedding or bar mitzvah) or feel rested after a night's sleep- stop for a moment to realize it's G-d's way of being involved in your life, of showing you that He loves you and cares for you and only wants to give you the best. And when the hard times come, it will be easier to remember that He is in control, and that no matter how difficult it may seem, G-d is cheering you on. And wit that in mind, G-d willing we'll pass all our tests and be able to achieve our Tafkidim (tasks) in this world.
>end mussar shmooze<