Sunday, April 29, 2007

Notes for Today

I've begun adding labels to my posts, starting with the all-important How I Met Serach series. Perhaps in a few weeks we'll see a few larger changes on this blog, which apparently is still looking incredible in Firefox and atrocious in Internet Explorer. Best idea: GET FIREFOX! In case you're wondering what to do, what to get, and just how much it rocks... read this stuff. You can follow my simple instructions and join the rest of us in 2007 now. Thanks. ;)

The voting for the first round of the JIBs ends tonight, so make sure to vote for your favorites if you haven't done so already! As of now, it appears this blog has done better than I expected and will advance to the finals in Best of the Rest (A), while falling short in Best Overall (A) and running neck-and-neck to try to advance in Large (A). I really don't want to knock out OntheMainLine, a blog I particularly enjoy, so feel free to utilize this wonderful page of up-to-date results to see how everyone is faring, and just make sure that we're still tied [currently 54-54] and can both advance. :)

The results of all of the categories won't be made official for a couple of days while people check over the logs to check for cheating; we've had a few attempts to cheat so far that were noticed, and most sadly were done with the sole intent of ruining the JIB Awards, by running up the vote totals of JIB Committee members or others in an attempt at 'embarrassing' the JIBs and making it 'look bad'. Hopefully, we'll be able to knock out all of those fakes and cheats and integrity will win out over selfishness. Have a wonderful day!


  1. We never had these problems.

  2. Of course not. There was no voting, nobody trying to mess with the voting, etc.