Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's Go Tribe! Anyone have tickets? :)

I'm thinking about going to the game tonight at Yankee Stadium. I've never seen Jeremy Sowers pitch - should be really cool, if we (my brother and I) can get cheap tickets. Ironically, a friend of mine called me last week and said, "Hey, I'm watching your Indians play the Angels of Los Angeles or whatever they're called... in Miller Park! [in Milwaukee]" I told him to watch Sowers, Sizemore, and Hafner. Sowers pitched an excellent game, and had two great defensive plays, especially one ball that bounced off first base which he grabbed bare-handed [he'd been running over to cover first, the ball was headed to the first baseman until it hit the bag], then dove and slapped the ball on the bag to beat the runner; and Grady and Pronk each homered. Nice.

UPDATE: Section 14, Row P. Supposedly, that's on the first-base side, but I think it's third - that's going to get my brother (who specifically asked the guy for 1b side) really ticked.


  1. Watch your back if you're wearing Indians' apparel.

  2. Not that stupid. Too many friends with bad stories... how pathetic does that show Yankees fans to be?!

  3. Would never happen in Atlanta.

  4. When we lived in Monsey, we would go to the Indians/Yankees games at Yankee stadium, and I would be all decked out - I mean head-to-toe hair-ribbons-to-socks decked out in Indians gear, and my husband would be in his Yankee shirt and cap, he would be FREAKING out that we were going to get whacked on the subway into the Bronx because of what I was wearing. Part of the fun for me was freaking him out every year :-) I'm still alive, btw.

  5. UPDATE:
    Indians LOSE 9-2, and Sowers lasts not even 3.

  6. Jewboy - True. And when R' E. from Atlanta came into Cleveland for the '95 series for a game, I don't think anyone yelled at him either. (He borrowed my dad's coat and forgot his ticket in it, so we have a nice souvenir. :P )

    EK - LOL!! Well, you were with a Yanks fan, so that may have lessened the impact.

    MordyS - Yeah. I got there a few pitches before he got taken out. Ugh.

  7. Ezzie,

    When are the Indians going to show up in this series? 5 runs off of Igawa and some kid who never pitched a game above AA is not what I call a good performance.

    But congrats on the Cavs getting the easiest rode to the conference finals.

  8. I was wondering the same thing...

    And thanks. It's pretty nice - Washington and the NJ-Tor winner? Nice. Detroit has Orlando and the Mia-Chi winner... not fun.