Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dropping Holocaust Education

Mevaseretzion has an important post here.

I found this article last week and was totally horrified. At first, I thought it was another story about the left not wanting to hurt anyones feelings, but I think it is much more deeper and serious than that. I hope to give my own two-cents about it. Till then, enjoy the linked post.


  1. That is horrifying. But it's not, as you point out, the left's fault. It's more analogous to not teaching evolution because of crazy Christians.

  2. That was my point. It was my first reaction that I thought it was extreme leftists at work, but it really is somethign much more serious than that, and mevaseret handles it nicely.

  3. Many defeatists in Western countries have already mentally surrendered to the radical Muslims and are marking time until the latter arrive to take over. The same pople often have problems with basic concepts like national defense and national borders. While it's possible to be deluded in this way and not be a leftist, I do think any investigator would find that many who think like this are leftists.

    A further sign of societal deterioration is having someone openly identify as a Jewish atheist.

  4. above, that s/b "people" !