Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, Mini-Version

Busy season is supposedly winding down, though I have yet to see it. This should result in my beginning to write actual posts, complete with original content [gasp!] and devoid of many links - can you believe it!? Until then, however, you're stuck with choosing from the links I put up that I like. So here's what I enjoyed in a quick run-through over the last few minutes:
  • R' Gil has a post with a couple of good links, including an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Marc Shapiro about what our yeshivos aren't teaching and why it's a problem.
  • Fudge has a hilarious conversation between her brain and her conscience about dinner at Stern.
  • Chana has yet another post from the YU Medical Ethics Society, this one on surrogate motherhood.
  • Finally, I didn't mention it in the previous post about best contributions to the J-blogosphere because I don't read it myself, but Avrom's site DafNotes has done wonders for many people who do "do the daf" every day. If you are one of those people, you will probably love it.
Some of you probably heard or noticed that at one point today, the JIBs homepage was hacked. BagelBlogger was able to do a little investigative work and discovered that the JIB site was not the only one affected, but a number of Jewish-related sites; moreover, the hackers were not it seems people trying to attack the JIBs, but possibly Islamic hackers from Turkey trying to hack Jewish sites. As the hack has now been fixed and security boosted yet again, hopefully there won't be anything to worry about. Now go vote!!