Friday, April 20, 2007

JIB Nominees!

The nominees for Best in Class, at least, are fully up to date. (I'm not sure about the rest. UPDATE: Akiva informs me that the Specialty Awards and All-Around Awards are updated as well; the Best Posts are the hardest to put together, and will hopefully be done motzei Shabbos. If you see a mistake, don't hesitate to tell us.) Voting starts sometime early next week; meanwhile, check out all the nominated blogs, find ones you like, and start reading them. That's what these 'awards' are really about.

It appears this blog was nominated for Best Overall, Best Large Blog, and - the one I like the best - Best of the Rest. Thanks!

Have a wonderful Shabbos! Ours should be packed: We thought we were getting a few Baltimore teens, but they had to postpone their trip, so we ended up with a couple sleeping guests, a bunch of eating guests tonight, and being invited to walk 45 minutes on a beautiful Shabbos day to eat with a whole bunch of friends. There isn't a lot I love about New York City, but having a ton of friends around is a nice big bonus.


  1. Hey, cheap ass,

    Do your contributors get anything if you win a JIB?

  2. If either Mordy or Pobody wins for their posts, I'll have to figure it out. None of YOUR posts were nominated. :P

    If I win one of the other ones... well, we'll have to see. Maybe I'll come visit you around Shavuos. Okay?

  3. Today was a perfect day for walking. Awesome that you were able to take advantage. This kind of weather is pretty rare around here. I felt like I was in LA today :)

  4. Thank you Ser and Ez for hosting my bachorah, who said she had a fabulous time with you. She went on and on about what gracious, accommodating hosts you are--inviting people with such hospitality and openness. You are surely experts at achnassos ohrchim, and we in the Great Northwest send you our gratitude and best wishes!