Thursday, April 19, 2007

Video: Cool Facts

(Hat tip: My sister Vervel) These are some of the many incredible and cool facts about Israel you probably get via e-mail all the time, put to pictures and music. It's interesting to see just how much this has riled up leftists and the like on YouTube. There's quite a bit of anti-Semitism and attempts to deny the facts presented in the video, along with other videos that make outrageous (and false) claims about Israel as well.


  1. Ooh, pretty... though I don't know whether it's a good idea to BRAG about developing Windows XP... I think that's more a hall-of-shame item...


  2. Some of it is a little inaccurate:

    - AIM was developed and released separately from ICQ. Then AOL bought them (Mirabilis) out. Not sure if the ICQ code was incorporated in later versions of AIM.

    - Depends on how one defines "cell phone".

    - WinXP was not developed in Israel. Maybe some part of it, but most OS development for Microsoft goes on at their HQ.

  3. ICQ is open source thus cannot be claimed as part of AIM. AIM is analogous to ICQ to a certain extent.

    Ironically their was no bragging about the use of cluster bombs on populated neighborhoods. A death that keeps on giving, because it bombs and mines in one easy step.

    The US has excelled at subjugating the weak while giving to the rich. (I am an American military veteran.) I don't think that a country who relies so heavily on my countries support should point out the irony that they are good students. Well done grasshopper, it is time for you to leave.

  4. - ICQ is not open source and it never was. It was bought by AOL. See

    - Nothing Israel did in Lebanon went against any Geneva conventions. Besides, the point of the video is to point out Israel's accomplishments, not to debate the Lebanon war with Lefties. My only problem with it is that it is not accurate in some cases.

    - Military vetran? I find it very curious that you bother to mention that. Why? Does it give you some alleged air of respectibility? The truth is I (and some others who read this blog) couldn't care less what you think.