Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cleveland Sports

This post is dedicated to DGEsq, because you asked for it.

There is an excellent article on CBSSportsline explaining why the Browns should draft Adrian Peterson. I've had mixed feelings about who they should be drafting (I don't think they need a quarterback), and the more I think about it, the more I agree: Peterson is the only logical choice if you're staying at #3.

The Indians... I don't know what's with the Indians. Their starters have been okay overall, and I see no reason to worry, especially with Lee coming back soon; their hitting hasn't hit its stride yet, but you can blame that on the rainouts and weather; and their bullpen hasn't been all that bad, actually. While Borowski (10.13 ERA) did blow that 6-2 game in New York, he's also 7-for-7 in save situations. The rest of the bullpen has a combined 1.50 ERA. They're 9-7 overall, and have played well against the Central (5-2 so far). I guess so far, they're okay, and there's nothing to worry about yet.

Then there are the Cavs. They played their way into the #2 seed by winning their last four games and the Bulls choking on the final night; they get to play the Arenas and Butler-less Wizards in Round One. They get to play what will likely be the tired winner of the Raptors-Nets series with home-court advantage in Round Two. Assuming the Pistons beat the Magic, they're stuck playing the tough Bulls or Heat in the second round. The Cavs should be well-rested and energized for the Eastern Conference Finals, and will have the same advantage the Pistons had against them last year - playing a team that has just won a tough, tiring, emotional series. And who knows? If they can win the conference, they may not even have to face the Mavs OR the Suns, and instead draw the Spurs, who they beat both times this year. The King could use a crown...


  1. You don't really think the Cavs will beat the Bulls, do you?!

    Guess Who!!

  2. HH - :P

    Anon - Well, when you call as soon as you hit publish... :)

    No, I don't think they will. Hard to beat a team that they don't play, you know?!

  3. Browns - To win in the NFL, especially in the AFC North, a team must be able to...(say it with me now)...RUN-THE-FOOTBALL. That being said, a successfull draft will include either the afore mentioned RB or Joe Thomas; both will fill a need and both should fit in nicely under next years new coach ;).
    If the front office picks a quarterback they are dead to me.

    Tribe - Seeing as there are still about a bazillion games left and they have avoided a slow start...Get back to me after the All-Star break.

    Cavs - BLASPHEMY! SACRILEDGE!! The King needs not a crown, his rule is assured it is known and recognized across all walks of life (and Piston fans). If in fact there is felt a need for a crowning, for a public coronation of some kind, then that need is ours alone. It is we who have fallen short, who are lacking in our acknowledgement of his ascendance to the throne of Basketball, nay, Athletic glory.

  4. All that being said, there is no way that the Cavs what anything to do with the Bulls. That team is scary deep.

  5. Ezzie,

    The Cavs have no chance against the Spurs. None. Zero.

    Ok I don't mean that literally since any team can win 4 out of 7, but the Spurs are a MUCH better team than the Cavs.

    Of course the Spurs have their hands full with the Nuggets, who might be better at this point than any team in the East besides the Pistons, but I think they'll come out of the West and go all the way.

  6. G - Browns: Duh, amen.

    Indians: Yeah yeah.

    Cavs: Sacrilege! You have a little extra D there... ya know, what the Cavs need. Actually, their D is pretty darn good lately.

    Bulls: I hear ya, though I think the Cavs are still better. The Bulls still can't shoot.

    Nephtuli - We still disagree. :) But I guess we may actually see...!

  7. A Matisyahu song will still be applicable this year: "King Without a Crown."