Monday, April 30, 2007

Ezzie's JIB Picks III (Best Posts)

Here are I & II.

The main posts voting page is here.

Before I even begin, let me point to one group I've dubbed The Crying Zone. Best Overall Group F has a number of amazing posts that will have you crying your eyes out. It is posts like these that are at the heart of the J-blogosphere.

I'm also flattered and happy to announce that four posts from this blog were nominated - three of them by Pobody's Nerfect and one by me. In Best Overall Group C, Pobody has two nominations: Pobody Ever Needs to be Nerfect and Sensitivities... or the Lack Thereof. Personally, I prefer the latter, but it seems others so far prefer the former. In Best Jewish Religious Group B, my own A Hitch & A Prayer was nominated, but I think Pobody's Metamorphosis of a Teenage Punk is far better. Also, the How I Met Serach series [in the sidebar] was nominated in Best Series Group B.

And now, on to the picks:
Check out the posts and the blogs of the people who wrote them, and of course, don't forget to vote! Enjoy!


  1. Hey, keep this up, and you can be nominated for best series for your "Ezzies JIB Picks" in next years JIB awards.

  2. Ezz.....thanks for the vote of confidence....and that other vote too....

  3. Eziie - Great picks all.

    That is the real beauty of the JIBs - to be able to discover all these amazing posts you might otherwise have missed.

    Glad to have discovered this blog.