Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SerandEz Editorial Notes

I've finally finished updating the guest posts in the sidebar - feel free to peruse the drop-down menus of your favorite guests. I'm still updating the blogroll: Feel free to drop your blog in the comments or via e-mail for me to check out. I'm hoping to - sometime after busy season - upgrade the template and start adding in labels. Any suggestions, requests, comments about what you do and don't like about the template, fonts, etc? I've found that it looks a lot nicer on my own screen at home than it does on other computers.


  1. your busy season is very long!
    i hope you get some sort of time off for a bit when it gets less busy :)

  2. LOL! Which category do I belong in? : )

  3. Sarah - I WISH.

    Irina - Oh, you'll see... :P

  4. I think you should put a great big statue of a hyrax on your side bar.

  5. you used to have me, I think - thanks