Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Murderer to Plead for Browns

(Thanks, G) You've got to be kidding me:
For those of you that did not follow the news yesterday, this guy is was James Filiaggi of Lorain, who was put to death yesterday in Lucasville after being convicted of killing his wife in 1994.

One of the reporters present for the execution was WEWS Channel 5's Curtis Jackson, who reported on the story live from Lucasville all day long. During Live On 5, Channel 5's 5pm newscast, Jackson read an excerpt of Filiaggi's final statement which, in addition to a condemnation of the death penalty, included this chilling show of "support" for his favorite team:
"When the Browns are in the Super Bowl in the next five years, you'll know I'm up there doing my magic."
Gee, thanks. A murderer pleading to God on behalf of Browns' fans everywhere. Just what we need. No wonder Cleveland is cursed.


  1. I think the sick side of me just let out a little giggle.

  2. Eh, he is/was from Lorain. No great expectations from me...

    Hmmm, I think I went to H.S. with Paul Teeple (or his kids)...

  3. I'm laughing.
    When I first saw the title I thought you were reporting that the Browns had recruited another player that will be ending up in the pen instead of on the playing field. I'm thinking back to the year 2000 or 2001.