Friday, April 27, 2007

A Few Good Reads

Stuff to enjoy before Shabbos:
Firstly, the responses so far to What Makes People Frum? have been excellent, interesting, and eye-opening. Please feel free to join the conversation. Elsewhere:
  • Chana writes about an angel, fallen from heaven. Read it. Excerpt:
    An angel fallen from heaven, cast out by God. He is white, opalescent, pearly, a sheen to his skin, androgynous and handsome but bowed, kneeling, weeping tears that are not made of water but of shadow, falling only to disappear in mid-air. The rain dances all along his body but does not touch him, unable to make contact with the silvery flesh. His eyes are silver; he is all silver and white light, an angel, a true angel, kneeling before the storm.
  • FrumDoc is back! And his post is excellent.
    The day I met Heinrich we were the first two people to arrive in the lab. My Yarmulke branded me "Jew" as clearly as his name labeled him. He towered over me by almost a foot and a half. He was Goliath but I was no David or even Joe Louis. Our initial conversation was quaint and beleaguered. His thick German accent brought to mind old black and white videos of the rise of National Socialism (and of course Dr. Ruth and that fish from American Dad). I would force myself to make eye contact only to see his eyes dart quickly away from mine. He was nearly as uncomfortable as I.

    But why?
  • Jack wonders if your life is what you expected it to be.
Have a wonderful Shabbos!

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