Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Makes People Frum?

I'm wondering, after a conversation with a good friend... What makes most people frum? I guess this is directed primarily at ba'alei t'shuva, but anyone can answer. What is it that attracts them? Is it intellectual arguments? Is it community? Food? Searching? Why do people choose to become frum? If you didn't grow up religious and now are, why? What attracted you? (I have my own opinions, but I'm wondering if I'm way off base. I'll post them later on.)

I'm going to put the first [GoogleChat] response I got, from a friend who has been working in kiruv for 10 years:
for some its the reality that being frum is right. For others its the aspect of shabbat and yom tov and the aspect of seperation from weekday and family above all
Please, let there be plenty of discussion but no fighting in the comments. I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion, not why everyone else is wrong.