Friday, April 13, 2007

Letter from the Baltimore Vaad on Abuse

Greg has it. [UPDATE: David Zakar has a better scan, along with his own thoughts.]

It is excellent, covering all of the following:
  1. explaining what needs to be done,
  2. the need to educate children on the issue,
  3. what mistakes have been made in the past,
  4. encouraging and facilitating contacting the authorities "who are best equipped to handle this problem",
  5. establishing the danger these threats pose,
  6. explaining why naming names in public is important despite the effects this may have on their families,
  7. acknowledging that rabbonim are not trained in this area,
  8. discussing the problem of false accusations,
  9. and setting out a plan for monitoring those who are known or strongly suspected abusers to ensure that they cannot hurt any more.
B'hatzlacha to the Baltimore Va'ad, and may they be successful in their endeavors. May other cities follow in their footsteps.