Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's Go Tribe! Anyone have tickets? :)

I'm thinking about going to the game tonight at Yankee Stadium. I've never seen Jeremy Sowers pitch - should be really cool, if we (my brother and I) can get cheap tickets. Ironically, a friend of mine called me last week and said, "Hey, I'm watching your Indians play the Angels of Los Angeles or whatever they're called... in Miller Park! [in Milwaukee]" I told him to watch Sowers, Sizemore, and Hafner. Sowers pitched an excellent game, and had two great defensive plays, especially one ball that bounced off first base which he grabbed bare-handed [he'd been running over to cover first, the ball was headed to the first baseman until it hit the bag], then dove and slapped the ball on the bag to beat the runner; and Grady and Pronk each homered. Nice.

UPDATE: Section 14, Row P. Supposedly, that's on the first-base side, but I think it's third - that's going to get my brother (who specifically asked the guy for 1b side) really ticked.