Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Strong Presence

Continuing from yesterday's topic, Greg over at Presence has posted a summation of R' Gottlieb's speech at Shomrei Emunah in Baltimore regarding sexual abuse, along with his own take on the speech. See the comments as well. Excerpt: [emphasis mine]
The Va'ad is in the process of putting together a systematic approach that will delineate proper behavior in an effort to prevent sexual abuse, such as guidelines for schools and educators. As an example, the Va'ad is looking to the city of Chicago, which recently formed a special beis din to address claims in an open and forthright manner. This will hopefully help prevent incidents of sexual abuse from occurring, as well as help ensure an open process of addressing incidents that do arise, God forbid. There is also the very real concern of false accusations, which, R. Gottlieb also mentioned, has occurred as well.
My own note on the speech - it's nice to see that the focus is not only on awareness of abuse and punishing those who commit such abuse, but also on making sure the abuse does not happen in the first place. This is a side of the issue that sometimes seems to be forgotten because of the strong focus on exposing the crimes that have already happened.