Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ezzie's JIB Picks II

Part I is here.

Best in Class:
  • Jewish Religious
    • Group A - Emes Ve-emunah beats out ADDeRabbi in this one. I always find myself nodding along to most of what Harry says, though he always seems to go a bit further than I would myself.
    • Group B - BeyondBT. Gotta love what they're doing there.
    • Group C - Hirhurim, by a mile.
    • Group D - DovBear over RWAC, mostly because he was around all year long. DB's posts on midrashim and the like are often very interesting.
  • Torah
  • Humor
    • Group A - This was a rough one. DryBones, RenReb, and PsychoToddler?! DryBones is a bit more serious funny, and RenReb a bit busier, so I went with the one who makes me laugh on a regular basis. Go PT! Frum Satire, Jacob's Jokes, and Pillage Idiot have been funny the times I've seen them as well.
    • Group B - This whole group is funny, but nothing tops some of AskShifra's stuff, which seemed to switch from a bit more serious to a combo of serious and hilarious the past few months, starting with the introduction of Hot Chanie. Heck, that alone deserves an award.
    • Group C - This was tough, but Kasamba's hilarious ramblings beat out Jack and the rest. She'll be missed...
  • Jewish Culture
    • Group A - Orthomom. Yeshiva World and DovBear are good, but I've said many times that nobody is sharper and clearer while making their points as OM.
    • Group B - Jewlicious over DryBones.
  • News/Current Events
    • Group A - Jameel over TownCrier, Yeshiva World, and Daled Amos, primarily due to his coverage of the war. That was just incredible.
    • Group B - Meryl Yourish. She's just great, period.
    • Group C - DryBones. His commentary is done in a comic, and just expresses your own thoughts so well. That's amazing.
  • Pro-Israel Advocacy
  • Slice of Life in Israel
    • Group A - This was one of the worst ones: Treppenwitz vs. Jameel. The others are good, too, but these are my two favorites. I think I went with Trep in the end, since I'd voted for Jameel elsewhere.
    • Group B - This was a tough one, too, but I think I went with AbbaGav over Robbie and Jewlicious.
  • Right-Wing
    • Group A - Irina over JoeSettler? Or was it the reverse? I think I went with Irina. Both are great.
    • Group B - Jameel over Dave and Ze'ev, who didn't write much this year.
  • Left-Wing
    • Group A - Jewish Atheist over TownCrier. There are people on the left worth having discussions with, even if they're not the ones that are the most outspoken.
    • Group B - OlehGirl, though I'll admit to not really knowing many of these.
  • Jewish Skepticism
  • Anti-Establishment
    • Group A - Depends how you define this, but I went with Wolf.
    • Group B - Again, depends on the definition, but I went with Orthomom.
  • Non-English - Umm, yeah. Don't really speak those languages.
  • Personal
    • Group A - Treppenwitz. Duh.
    • Group B - A lot of great ones in this group, but SweetRose has always been my favorite personal blog.
    • Group C - Another few good ones, but in terms of personal, Jack wins this one.
    • Group D - Aidel Maidel and Chayyei Sarah are great... but I don't know how anyone can read Ha'azina Tefilati and not be touched, not feel anything. It's one of the most important blogs to read out there.
  • Student
    • Group A - AH! So many of my friends, blogs I like... oy. I went with the one that I've gotten the most out of this year, at least lately, and went with... Which Way is Up? [And now everyone else wants to throw things at me.] Of course, I did see SJ last of all of y'all before I voted, so that may have played a role.
    • Group B - Chana. Not really a question, there.
  • Photo/Graphics
    • Group A - Squiggle Sarah! Her pictures are stunning and so talented. I'm amazed she isn't advancing.
    • Group B - Balaboosteh over the more recently begun Temunot. Her stuff has been good all year, particularly when I was brought to tears continually by the images she found during the war.
And now, let the first round begin for Best Posts! :)