Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thank You

Akiva has been working the hardest of anybody on the JIBs, and what he's accomplished has been amazing. Take out a second and thank him for all of his hard work, including this handy page which shows the current results of every single category. It's interesting to see that there are some incredibly tight races going on, and of course, some blowouts.

Of all the sections of the JIBs, I think the most important section is "Best Contribution to the J-Blogosphere". There are a number of great blogs there that really bring something to the table that the rest of us don't. My personal favorites excluding the wonderful carnivals, in alphabetical order:
  • Ha'azina Tefilati - In her own words:
    I cope or struggle (depending on the day) with what was diagnosed after many years of misdiagnoses as Bipolar II disorder (heavy on the depression, not nearly enough mania), anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. ... All of it impacts my relationship with G-d, not to mention others around me.

    I hope and pray, with G-d's help, to find some clarity, direction, support, and guidance.
    I think it's important not only for her, but for others who struggle with any form of depression, to know that there are other people who struggle as well. Hopefully, her blog will continue to help not only her, but others as well.
  • Jewish Blog Definitions - Exactly what it says, and always being added to. A great guide for the uninitiated.
  • Kindness Happens - SweetRose's Shoshana started this, and anyone can join to tell over their stories of kindness - from everyday acts of kindness they experience to the extraordinary ones. Just one of those blogs that show that there's some light out there, too.
  • Orthonomics - Sephardi Lady discusses a number of subjects, but the primary one is Jewish economics. Her advice and commentary are excellent, and she's getting at core spending and saving issues in the frum community that nobody else really does.
  • Our Kids Speak - Another blog to make you smile, started by PsychoToddler. Just a collection of cute and funny stories about people's kids and what they say.
  • R' Horowitz - R' Yakov Horowitz mostly discusses education, occasionally branching out to other subjects such as raising children. He is slowly helping to reshape Orthodox Jewish education as we know it, particularly in the yeshivish community - and seems to be making some ground.
Check these and other nominees out, and enjoy the JIBs!


  1. It's so hard that you can only vote once per category this year. In previous years, if there were blogs that I liked equally, I could come back each day and vote for a different blog. Now I have to choose (and it's hard, because I nominated some blogs/posts in the same category, including this one).

  2. Okay, didn't know where to put this, but I heard a real money quote from Henna Baila that you neglected to post on OKS - a certain flavor of Cheerios...

  3. Scraps - I hear you, and had the same dilemma. I just voted for the one I thought would have the toughest time advancing.

    Ayelet - LOL! I totally forgot... thanks!

  4. Thanks for letting me know about Ha'azina Tefilati - never noticed it before.

    I was also kind of hoping you'd mention Daf Notes (from Cleveland) - maybe next time - thanks.