Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your Turn, J-Blogosphere!

It's that time... finally! The JIBs have begun, and the nominations are officially OPEN! Pick your favorites in each category (even if it's yourself), whether it's just one or a handful, and post your picks. The nominations round will last for one week; voting begins a few days later, once the list of nominees has been checked and organized and the voting process set up properly.

To make the awards easier to navigate, the nominations pages are in four sections:
  • Best All-Around (Mega Blog, Large Blog, Small Blog, etc.)
  • Best Posts (Overall Post, Humor Post, Series, Podcast, etc.)
  • Best in Class (Slice of Life in Israel, Skeptic, Student Life, Photoblog, etc.)
  • Best Specialty (Design, Podcast/Audioblog/Videoblog, Contribution [Blog that made a difference], and Best of the Rest)
Feel free to poke around, ask any questions, and of course - nominate, nominate, nominate. This should be loads of fun, and as always, remember: The point of the JIBs is to increase J-blog awareness and exposure in a fun, semi-competitive fashion. Try to relax and enjoy!


  1. Ezzie, thanks for the notice that I've been nominated. I went to the site and discovered that the links don't work!!! So we can't visit the various blogs to check them out.

    And maybe you should have an announcement (after you fix the links) on the site telling people to look at the various blogs.


  2. thanks
    I see that some were fixed, but not all.