Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I had a nice conversation with someone yesterday via email. This person, we shall call Higgens, was nice enough to share with me something. I was emailed some songs that he has sung. I was quite amazed by them. Infact, if Higgens is reading this, I just want you to know that I put one of the songs on my ipod (I hope you don’t mind). I happen to also think that version of the song is better than the original. Anyways, I asked Higgens when on earth he has the time to do this. He told me that he practices every week. Now, you have to realize that Higgens whines and complains his fair share, what with all his other responsibilities, (spouse, home, holidays, work), but yet, finds the time to do what he enjoys. Not only does he do it, but he puts all he has into it. You can tell just by listening.

This got me thinking. I was thinking about that certain creative spark that I believe we all have inside of us. It doesn’t have to be singing. It can be drawing, reading, teaching or even auditing J (ya right). Now, I know this blog is not really geared in the way of spirituality, but just give me a chance, and hopefully, the owner won’t banish me. I truly believe that each of us, was given this spark by the man upstairs. Each of us has it within us, but it sometimes requires a lot of effort to bring it out. Its this “divine” creative spark is here for a reason. Its what defines us as humans. Think about it. It’s the one thing that separates us from the iguanas, baboons and ostriches. Often enough, this spark needs to be shared with others. Maybe Higgens doesn’t think so, but perhaps in a way, he is serving God. He found what God gave him, and using it. In a way, he is making the world a slightly nicer place to be. Through that creative spark he is affirming his humanity and the beauty that comes along with it. This is sort of Rav Kookish, I think. Not sure, maybe Chardal can inform us further.

Higgens truly inspired me. Reading up on all his kvetching, but still taking some time mold that creative energy into something positive as truly inspiration. And when I think about it, its not only Higgens. I have met many people on this blog. Each person, with his own hobbies and strengths. Some people are great with history, poetry, science or even mysticism. And you can tell that they are using that spark through these mediums by how much they enjoy sharing with you. Each of us toile like an ass throughout the day, but by utilizing that creative spark, we remember that we are human, and not just animal.

So how has this inspired me? Well, I’ve got my own hobbies and strengths that I have put aside due to work, family, dishes and yes, blogging. My job is to now put some time aside reconnect to what God has given me. I think this is something incredibly positive to explain to our kids. Too many people send their kids to schools that don’t allow the child to harness their creative energy and put it to use. If a child is consecutively doodling or playing drums on the table, perhaps he is trying to tell you something. Its there. Inside of them and it should be brought out. And, its inside all of us, but as we get older, it just gets harder for us to remember how to use it.