Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good New Reads & An Interesting Fast Fact

Every once in a while, people suggest new blogs to me, telling me I "must read this blog!" because it's so good. And, I'll admit, they're usually right. So, without further ado (since I really need to get back to work) here are a couple of the ones I've been pointed to that are really worth your while:
Meanderations - pointed to me by SJ & Chana over (or after?) the weekend, and after listening to the slightly insane recording the trio/trinity made a couple of nights ago, I decided to read her latest post - and I really liked it. So, check her out.

Jewbiquitous - Okay, a bit of a guilty look here. Everytime I was pointed to their blog, Annie & Harley made me crack up and/or think... and yet, for some reason, I didn't go back. Honestly, I don't know why - probably because I have about 150 feeds already and it's busy season, so I'm up to date on like 15. But then I listened to their recordings for the podcast as well (and yes, that was plural - many plurals, rather), and I was smiling or laughing almost the whole time (difficult at work). So check them out, too.
Note to all: You are in fact allowed to send in more than one recording, so feel free to call in as the ideas strike you! Not everything can go in to the Purim Podcast itself (the call-ins alone total almost an hour of recorded time already!), but we'll put everything up at some point.

Have an easy fast for those who (still) are... interesting Ta'anis Esther 2007 fact: We said tachanun by Mincha today, which almost never happens on Ta'anis Esther. (Well, I thought it was interesting, anyway...)