Friday, March 30, 2007

Indian Summer... and Fall

Check out this great piece by Jayson Stark on the Indians' chances this season. Excerpt:
They scored more runs than the Red Sox. They pounded more extra-base hits than the Yankees. Their starting pitchers threw more innings, and had a better strikeout-walk ratio, than that vaunted rotation in Detroit.

Their leadoff hitter (Grady Sizemore) led the league in extra-base hits. Their cleanup hitter (Travis Hafner) led the league in slugging. They had three different starting pitchers tie for the league lead in shutouts.

And they outscored their opponents by 88 runs -- a bigger margin than what four of the eight playoff teams, including the the World Series champion Cardinals, and two 90-win teams registered.

So …

There is only one question really worth asking about the team that did all this, the Cleveland Indians:

How the heck did they ever have a losing record (78-84) last season?

The article is a fascinating analysis. Check it out.