Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Hate Dell

Have I posted about this before? Oh, yes, I have. Really have:
This is one of the funniest articles I have ever read from the NY Times. I was going to excerpt parts, but it's so hilarious, I couldn't decide which parts to pick. Then I thought to copy the whole thing, but that may be illegal, so... just check it out.

Anyone who has ever had a DELL experience will love this. Old readers of this blog know I've had more than my share...
Yeah, Dell customer service sucks. And their computers alternate between being really good and... well, sucking. But read that Times link above - it honestly calms me down a bit. If it weren't so true, I'd probably laugh a lot harder.

Anyway... the point is that our home computer is - once again - on the fritz. What's the problem? Oh, well: THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM WE HAD WITH THE LAST TWO! That's right - Dell insisted that they could only send me the same model to replace the previous ones despite our contention that "we'll probably have the same problem with this one!!!" After about a year, the fan breaks down, the computer consistently overheats...

Dell claims that their technicians have 'figured out a way' to install it so it's no longer a problem. That's nice - meanwhile, if it doesn't work, my warranty will run out. Plus, there's the old 'I really am not interested in getting back the same crappy computer that has a high probability of breaking down, especially when it's a 4-year old model and I can get a new one for half the price!' So... we're going to try and negotiate to get a Dell credit, I'll buy a really nice NEW Dell, and pray really hard that it never breaks down and I have to call them. If that happens... wow, I really don't want to think about that.