Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Odyssey & Alternate Side Parking

This should be a fun set of trips: From Kew Gardens Hills to Teaneck tonight; Serach continues on with Elianna and our friends JB & B (the B of the How I Met Serach series) to Cleveland early tomorrow morning, while I head into Manhattan to work. Then I get to fly to Cleveland Monday morning and join my parents and grandparents for first days, where it will start snowing sometime between second seder and Thursday - that's right, I said SNOWING.

Thursday morning I'm supposed to fly back to New York, while SerandEl, B, and JB head to Baltimore. SerandEl will spend Shabbos with some family there, while I will be stuck in NYC but was graciously invited by our friends FFD & FFW to join them for meals. Sunday, after working a few more hours, I'll drive down to Baltimore for the last days which - since it's a Sunday - will hopefully be a lot less eventful than Sukkos was. If you're in Shomrei, feel free to say hi.

And to top it all off, when Ohio State beats Florida on Monday night, I'll know that had UNC defeated Georgetown, I would have won both the pool I run and the one my brother-in-law runs. Instead I'll be coming in third in both... and my father (!!) who can't tell you a single player's name in the tournament [not even Greg Oden!] will win the latter.

Working 12-hour days on Pesach really bites, by the way... but not as much as alternate-side parking in KGH. As of Friday, I picked up what I believe is my 5th or 6th such ticket since I got married (less than three years), and I don't own a car. This one I knew I would get the night before - there simply were no spots on the 'good' side of the street, and there's no way I would get one of the ones that would open up the next morning (which are almost zero anyway). For what? For "street cleaners" - monstrosities that go down the middle of the street, kicking the dust to the sides of the street, accomplishing absolutely nothing but causing plenty of pollution and padding the city's coffers with fines.

Well, at least I get the Yom Tov days off. Chag Sameach, everybody!