Thursday, March 01, 2007

Comment of the Day (Drunk Teens & Balance)

C! left a great comment last night that's worth reposting: (emphasis mine)

this is just an add on to the topic- What goes on in florida over winter break is not just happening there- Ive noticed on facebook that there are a good percentage of middle/highschool kids doing lots of things, that were never even considered when i was in highschool, in thier own town- i see pictures of kids smoking hooka, going to concerts (not tznius at all), smoking, drinkin, all over guys/girls. The bar has deff risen-what used to be considered "bad" is not even a question these days.

If parents would take two minutes to look at thier childrens facebook profile I think they would be shocked at what their kids are doing. Kids do not need all the freedom they want- it is not a good thing!

And this is not only kids in school- i see pictures of people I went to school with making out with guys and clubbing- Once you are older its hard to control but I wonder what makes people go off and do these things??

Also parents should realize that if they send thier kid to yeshiva/seminary in israel and the kid is partyin it up in thier hometown/vacation there is a good chance that they will be wasting thier 15,000$ by sending them away so that they can party totally unsupervised. Kids need to prove to thier parents that they can be trusted. My father said something to me before I left to Israel for my year -"dont do something that will cost me 15000-Never mind dont do something that will then cost YOU 15,000$"- Smart advice and not that I would have done anything it made me realize how I need to be responsible for my own actions- Parents: when kids do stuff that you dont allow it needs to be punished not just forgotten about-if there is no punishment then there is no reason not to do it again.