Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Snoody Baseball Player

(Hat tip: Da Kirsch) This is hilarious:

Here in Brooklyn, we’ve got a lot of Orthodox Jews. And as you may know, Orthodox wives usually wear wigs, in keeping with traditional Jewish notions of feminine modesty (additional info here). Every now and then, however, you’ll see an Orthodox woman wearing a snood — basically a glorified hairnet (additional info here) — instead of a wig. And back in 2004, when there was a bit of a wig crisis, snoods were suddenly everywhere.

And that made me happy, because I love the word snood. It sounds like one of those inherently humorous Dr. Seuss words — snood, snood, snood. I’ve always hoped I’d have some occasion to work it into a Uni Watch article, and now I finally have.

What I never imagined (but maybe should’ve guessed) was that the snood-clad athlete in question would be Manny Ramirez. Check out the head wrap he’s been wearing for the past two days. That ain’t no standard-issue MLB do rag like the one he wore last year, and it ain’t that Nike skullcap he was wearing earlier this spring, either. That there, my friends, is a snood.