Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup: Been A While

As regular readers of this blog know (all five of you), I'm in the middle of busy season, making these roundups few and far in-between. But I really liked a couple of the posts below, so I figured why not take those and some others I liked and make a roundup? And here we are.
  • 10 & 9) The JIBs (Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards) are getting ready, but the volunteers now need everyone's help in determining the categories and other issues! Please see the details at Life-of-Rubin & Bagel Blogger, the two most responsible for putting this all together. And thank them, too.
  • 8) Jewish Blogmeister drinks the new Coke product... so we don't have to.
  • 7) Kasamba discusses freezers. If only she'd tell Serach...!
  • 6) Olah Chadasha has a great post on CEO's working at the bottom rungs to see what it's like.
And now on to the top 5:
  • 5) Balaboosteh discusses the loss of 3 young local lives.
  • 4) XGH is renouncing skepticism?!
  • 3) Searching for Bright Lights has a great post on Purim:
    And that is the essence of Purim. We hide our selves, our gifts, in costumes, and offer from our inner selves gifts to others--money as charity for the poor, and shaloch manos to our friends. And this way, perhaps with a bit of lubrication, we allow our shiny side, our happy side, to face outward.
  • 2 & 1) Wolf takes the top two spots with his posts on education and parenting, which really go hand in hand in so many ways.
Check them out!