Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oysh & a Purim Pic

Jameel is STILL drunk. Nebach.

We hope y'all enjoyed the podcasts, and now that we see how easy it is (coughcoughchokecough), perhaps we'll throw some up here and there or something. Just for fun, we're keeping the number available, so you can always record stuff and you never know - maybe we'll put it up sometime. :)

Jameel posted a nice listing thanking all those who helped out - from my point of view, I think the biggest thanks go to Jameel (obviously), Holy Hyrax for the poster work which really took a while, and Chana & SJ for helping out at crazy times of night to put some finishing touches on. And, lest you think I did a lot, all I did was actually post the stuff.

Of course, here's a cute pic of Serach/Elianna & Elianna/Serach from yesterday: