Saturday, March 10, 2007

Democratic Party, Unhinged?

Read this editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal from this morning. Wow.

Apparently, a debate for the Democratic primaries, scheduled for August in Nevada, was supposed to be aired live on FoxNews. This was met with severe opposition by hardcore left-wingers, for the sole reason that... well, it was to be aired on FoxNews.
But liberals' aversion to Fox News has finally gone over the top. The Nevada Democratic Party had agreed to let the right-tilting network co-sponsor, of all things, an August debate in Reno between Democratic presidential candidates. Party officials were serious about drawing national attention to the state's January presidential caucus, the country's second in the 2008 nominating process. What better way for the party to reach conservative and "values" voters who might consider changing allegiances?
The best line of the piece:
Imagine if every political organization created litmus tests for news organizations before agreeing to appear on their programming. Republicans would have boycotted PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, National Public Radio and The Associated Press decades ago.