Friday, November 03, 2006

Nobody's Perfect

...and people need to realize that. The common thread between the two discussions that have been happening on this blog [shidduchim (matchmaking) and EDs (emotional disorders)] is that in both cases, people expect some imaginary or perceived level of "perfection" that simply doesn't exist. In the case of shidduchim, many people - especially guys, from what I know - are looking for something that simply doesn't exist. They're looking for the "perfect" girl or guy, the one who does everything just so and looks that good and has the perfect personality and those skills.

With ED's, it's similar but obviously worse: Young people especially feel they need to be just so and look that good and have the perfect personality and those skills... and they're unable to understand how to deal with it in terms of themselves, and often do so in destructive fashion. While the person looking for a spouse simply needs to wake up to reality, a person with an ED has a much tougher time - first understanding, then dealing with the issue.

Pobody's Nerfect recommended three excellent videos. They're all very different, dealing with different aspects of the issue, and they're shorter than a couple of Borat skits, so take a look... [after the jump]