Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Read of the Day

I've been avoiding the gay pride parade on purpose, and plan to continue to avoid it. I've even been avoiding linking to some of the great posts about it. But when I read Hayom's yesterday, it was so good, I just felt I had to link to it today. The only other post that came close was Robbie's from last week, which I debated linking to then and finally decided to now.

Final rant on the elections before we get back to better subjects:
It boggles the mind (though sadly, not all that much) that the far left has already staked out two positions: They refuse to work with President Bush or the GOP; and it's not their fault that they won't get anything done the next two years because President Bush is in power and the GOP seems to have the Senate. Ugh. You *won* the House. You almost got (may even have got) the Senate. Show people why you're there, or they'll show you the door in 2008 just like they did to the GOP yesterday. If there are two more years of whining, you know what will happen in 2008? The GOP will not only win the Presidency and take back the House, they will win so many seats in the Senate they'll come close to having 60 seats. At that point, the Democratic Party may need to dissolve.

Stop making excuses in advance. CWY noted the Times piece yesterday that basically excused the Dems in case they didn't win. Enough. The only impressive Democrat yesterday was the one who ran their House campaign who insisted that he would do his job and win enough seats. That's what we need more of: People who carry out what they say they're going to do, not make claims and then give excuses and point fingers about why they won't be getting it done before they've even tried. Shut up and get to work.