Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 10/30: "Little Miracle"

We just got our camera back again, thankfully. There are no pictures of our little miracle to put up yet, but I loved this image:
Holding and throwing your child up in the air, to their glee, is one of the nicest pleasures in life. It always brings a smile to everyone's face. Need a smile? Look at the slideshow to the left... wait for the last picture. Awesome, isn't it? :) Anyways, that picture came courtesy of...
And now, for the top 5:
  • 5) TafkaPP dissects October's Cry. She is right - we can't have different standards for Arab-Israelis on issues like this. Sharp post.
  • 4) JoeSettler discusses Secular Coercion & Sexual Harrassment. It's a very pointed post - while I'm not sure if I agree with everything in the post, the basic gist is in line with ideas I've expressed in the past.
  • 3) Judith writes about the Elephant in the Room. A must-read for anyone who discusses, or is into, politics or psychology.
  • 2) SephardiLady has the next one of her budget posts up. Please, read it. It's for our own good.
  • 1) Finally, Gil posted about one of the most important songs ever. If you're a parent or plan on being one, read the lyrics.