Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cooking Time...

The menu today is, in fact, the same as last year. Last year's returnees seem to be happy with that, so that's a good sign. So far, we have 20 "Yes" answers (including Serach, Elianna, and myself), a couple of "Probablys", a bunch of "Maybes", and a lot of "I may/probably will drop by after the one I'm going to". Basically, it's going to be packed. I should probably start cooking, no? :)

It should be a nice wide demographic again this year, too. We have a number of people from Monsey (woah), at least one each from Miami, Cleveland, Providence, Memphis, Phoenix, Montreal, Ottowa, Chicago, Los Angeles and Milwaukee, a number of people from around Kew Gardens Hills, a few from Brooklyn (nebach), and probably a bunch from other places I can't recall offhand. The menu:
Yellow split pea soup
Salad bar
Cranberry sauce
Sweet potato/regular potato concoction

Chocolate pecan pie
Apple Struzel
Today's NFL picks:
Miami (but Detroit to cover)
Dallas (but Tampa Bay to cover)
Kansas City (and cover)
Happy Thanksgiving!!