Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So, who remembers last year? (Probably nobody who reads this.) We're hosting Thanksgiving yet again this year! Anyways, we're doing it again this year, and this time, we *might* even have enough room. Of course, it will be a slightly different crowd this year, as a few people who came last year have other obligations (getting engaged/married/dating someone from far away very seriously does that sometimes), but it should be just as fun. We should also have a bit more time to prepare, as my company informed us that not only are we off Thursday and Friday, but we end at 3:00 tomorrow as well. Nice.

We're probably going with a similar menu to last year as well. Last year, we had about 5 people who were definitely coming, and a lot of "maybes" or "probably nots", yet somehow ended up with 18 guests. This time, people are a bit more decisive, with a bunch of "yes" and "probably" responses and a number of "Sorry, my family is making me come to theirs..." or "Stupid **** made their wedding on Thanksgiving! Can you believe it?!" A few others said they'd probably stop by for a bit after their other parties.

So, what are you doing this Thanksgiving, if anything? Who's stopping by SerandEz? :P