Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Do Your Duty II

Some other good J-blog posts on Election Day:
  • Judith is live-blogging the election from Manhattan.
  • YidWithLid has a bit to say about a few candidates around the country if you're pro-Israel.
  • VA: Meryl Yourish wants your write-in. (Wouldn't it be hilarious if she beat out some listed candidates? Or actually affected a close outcome by stealing votes? She could be the Ralph Nader of Virginia!)
  • NJ: Chaverai ties today's elections to the gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Heh.
  • NY: Orthomom has a great post quoting R' Yakov Horowitz and a very funny but pointed poem by Ogden Nash. BeyondBT has R' Horowitz in full.
  • --: Sephardi Lady is shocked that some people aren't registered to vote. [ducks]
  • NY: DAG asks people to think before voting.
  • NY: Wolf says it simply.
  • CA: Robert notes the terrorists' pick.
  • GA: Basil explains why he's voting for at least one Democrat.
  • MD: SoccerDad is picking Steele, and with good reason.
  • CT: Kesher Talk's Van Wallach cast a wide net this morning in Stamford, CT.
  • OH: I wish I was still able to vote in Ohio, where my vote was actually worth something. No, Mom, this doesn't mean that I'm going to move there just so it would be.
  • NY: TownCrier's picks are up.
And, for all those who would much rather laugh than talk politics on this Election Day [snort], Kasamba is safely in the UK trying to make sure her parents don't move to Boca from Monsey. Hilarious as always.