Sunday, March 05, 2006

J-Blogger Public Service Announcements

Here are a few public service J-blog announcements! I'm not sure if I'll put up a roundup today - I doubt it, as Haveil Havalim is coming out later today. (sorry to my non-Jewish readers, who likely won't care about these at all...)
Life-of-Rubin is hosting tomorrow's Haveil Havalim. Send your Jewish/Israel posts to lifeofrubin at gmail dot com. More importantly, welcome back to the blogging world, Chaim! We hope you've enjoyed your vacation. He's also unveiling a new blog with an excellent and original idea - should be quite exciting and entertaining for everyone.
Jameel is hosting the J-Blogosphere Purim Parody Carnival, and the more participants the better it will be. So far, from the bit of inside information I've had my contacts at the Muqata sneak out, people are dying of laughter - and I can sympathize. This stuff is hilarious!! So, go join in the fun by e-mailing Jameel and asking to join. Quite a few J-bloggers are already a part of this, including yours truly, and it's going to be absolutely awesome. Click on the picture to visit Jameel and e-mail him to join!
I'm hosting the 3rd Kosher Cooking Carnival sometime in the next couple of weeks - see the details a couple posts below this one (here). Remember to post and send me your favorite recipes!
All right, time for bed. Have a wonderful weekend - get off the computer and enjoy it! SerandEz had a great time with Xvi at Jillian's in Garden City after going to ColdStone Creamery in Hillcrest. One note on ColdStone - it's awesome, and almost impossible to eat much of. I can put down quite a bit of most foods (shut up, certain people :) ), and I was only able to eat about half of my "Cookie Doughn't Ya Know" or whatever it was called. But it was really, really good...

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