Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Woohoo!!! The better half of this blog, the Ser half, has finally commented on this blog! This is the first time in SerandEz history that such a thing has happened, and on the 9-month anniversary of this blog, no less! In the midst of a hilarious (well, to us) sequence of comments, Serach was finally compelled to respond to the comments of others. Amazing. Historic. Unprecedented. Absolutely mind-boggling. Is this the start of a new blogger? (Err... don't count on it.)

Of course, in her one comment, whose blog does she praise? Someone else's. Hmph. What, it's my fault I don't have cute kids to write about? Serach doesn't even read any blogs - she happened to check out a couple posts of mine one night (a feat in and of itself) and decided to check out this other one instead - and read most of the archives. Oh, no, I'm not insulted - of course not. Hmph.

Anyways... Serach commented!!! :)


  1. Congrats!!! This is truly wonderful news.
    Uh-oh, I've been commenting too much recently...time to get myself a life or at least crawl back into my little hole.

  2. It bothers me that such integral communication in your relationship takes place over the internet.

    You guys may want to see a professional, and soon.

  3. McOrn - maybe it's because you haven't been here in a while. :)

    Robbie - LOL. No no, this is good...

  4. hmmm... I see you ARE married afterall. I guess I owe alot of people some money.

  5. *wipes a tear* I'm so very touched. Ser, please visit anytime (even at home! We're nabes you know. I can't promise there'll be that much food but the chicken soup is awesome).

  6. Aw, thanks! :) But I dunno... she prefers someone else's blog over mine?! Hmph. ;)