Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Woohoo!!! The better half of this blog, the Ser half, has finally commented on this blog! This is the first time in SerandEz history that such a thing has happened, and on the 9-month anniversary of this blog, no less! In the midst of a hilarious (well, to us) sequence of comments, Serach was finally compelled to respond to the comments of others. Amazing. Historic. Unprecedented. Absolutely mind-boggling. Is this the start of a new blogger? (Err... don't count on it.)

Of course, in her one comment, whose blog does she praise? Someone else's. Hmph. What, it's my fault I don't have cute kids to write about? Serach doesn't even read any blogs - she happened to check out a couple posts of mine one night (a feat in and of itself) and decided to check out this other one instead - and read most of the archives. Oh, no, I'm not insulted - of course not. Hmph.

Anyways... Serach commented!!! :)


  1. It bothers me that such integral communication in your relationship takes place over the internet.

    You guys may want to see a professional, and soon.

  2. McOrn - maybe it's because you haven't been here in a while. :)

    Robbie - LOL. No no, this is good...

  3. hmmm... I see you ARE married afterall. I guess I owe alot of people some money.

  4. *wipes a tear* I'm so very touched. Ser, please visit anytime (even at home! We're nabes you know. I can't promise there'll be that much food but the chicken soup is awesome).

  5. Aw, thanks! :) But I dunno... she prefers someone else's blog over mine?! Hmph. ;)