Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Purim Parody Carnival Begins!!

As I noted last night:
Jameel is hosting the J-Blogosphere Purim Parody Carnival, and the more participants the better it will be. So far, from the bit of inside information I've had my contacts at the Muqata sneak out, people are dying of laughter - and I can sympathize. This stuff is hilarious!! So, go join in the fun by e-mailing Jameel and asking to join. Quite a few J-bloggers are already a part of this, including yours truly, and it's going to be absolutely awesome. Click on the picture to visit Jameel and e-mail him to join!
Well, the parodies have begun!! So far, parody sites of both Mirty (Not Mirty's Place) and Orthomom (MomofPurim) have been created, and they're absolute genius. I hear that many of the sites will continue to be updated throughout the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back at Jameel where he will be keeping track of what sites are being updated. Enjoy the carnival! I know I am already.

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  1. LOL... Actually, don't be so sure. Jameel put it up in the middle of the night here, and some Israelis and West Coasters got first dibs.