Sunday, March 19, 2006

Why I'm Smiling Lately

No, this isn't a meme... just a bunch of reasons I'm harried but happy these days...

Two good friends from OJ got engaged: Effie Markowitz to Erica Stock of Fairlawn, and Avrami Groll, aka "Reb Abe" - the first commenter ever on this blog - to Dina Tendler of Los Angeles.

The two of them are also in the "tzaddik" (righteous person) class of friends that I have; I think one has to meet them to fully understand, but the amazing favors that the two of them do for people, and the constant smiles and joy on their faces while doing them, is astounding. Sometimes, it's the little things that count: Avrami, though he has an EZ-Pass, will specifically go through the cash lanes of tolls at night so he can wish the tollbooth operators a good night. Effie, though he was running on no sleep and no energy, insisted on walking Serach and I the 15 minutes back to our apartment (with Erica) when we ate by his family recently - then didn't want to let me get him a drink of water, feeling it was too much trouble. And there's no show with either of them: They're perfectly genuine, sweet guys who got incredible, sweet girls.

You'll get to hear more about Avrami when I continue the series on "How I Met Serach" (hopefully tomorrow!) - he stars as himself playing a great tzadik. :)

Oh, wow - that was quite a tangent. More things that make me smile...

Hanging out with good friends who are happily dating. It's cute to see a couple that is clearly enthralled with one another, and it's great when you can spend time with them - even if they'd rather stare at and shmooze with each other and pretty much forget that you're there most of the time. (Of course, that's part of the fun for us, but I digress...)

Going to an old friend's wedding. This one's a bit weird, because I haven't seen the guy since my own wedding. I missed his engagement party, and I felt really bad about it, but I'm really looking forward to this wedding. He's a great guy, we were pretty tight when we were roomates for half a year, and picked up where we left off when I came back to visit for a day the next year. This is one of those times where I wish I had more time to really keep in touch with more people... I do a pretty good job overall, I think, and I know I should be better about it. Hopefully, I'll do a better job in the future.

Friends, period. Whether it's watching the glee on a 21-year old guy's face as he scarfs down all our candy from Purim, or having another one call me in a panic to help write something up for them in 15 minutes - and then thank me, because apparently that "saved their job" - it's funny how people don't change all that much. They're the same people, doing the same things, but on higher levels. Most of all, though, it's nice to realize how great all your friends are, and how much they care.

Nice people. I've had numerous people over the past few weeks do an incredible amount of work - on my behalf (mostly in terms of job searching). I've never met many of these people in my life; and some have no clue who I am. Some are bloggers, some are not - but the favors they've done for me are so numerous I haven't even had a chance to act on most of them yet. I now have about 4 different versions of my resume, with different people having redone the entire thing; each has so many plusses it's hard to determine which one is best. (Not my original... :) ) Wow - thank you, for those who know who you are.

March Madness. Forget that I'm running a great pool (okay, I'm stuck in the middle of the pack), and that it's sports. You don't need to be a fan to appreciate the heart and emotion that goes into these games: Watch a "Cinderella" team in a close game against a national powerhouse and tell me you're not excited. Watch the agony of a senior whose dream - and possibly career - just ended and tell me you don't feel pained. Watch the thrill of a bunch of kids you'll never hear about again as they pull off a stunning win and tell me you're not thrilled. You can't. I can't. You want drama? This is drama. And when it's all said and done, after each game, even if your bracket just got busted - you smile. It's pure entertainment.

Smile! :)


  1. things that make me smile...

    blogs! especially happy posts like this :)

    thanks ezzie!!

  2. Happily Dating huh.... well it was nice hanging out with the two of you too. (and i got a glimpse of Shua too!) And i never forgot you were there, just chose to ignore you in favor of her.

  3. ...which then caused you to forget I was there. Especially that time where you said, "Oh - I didn't even realize you were there."

  4. PH - She was with us part of the time. Except when she was getting food, and talking with everyone but us.

    Of course I'm the best driver, I had the car of a chauffer!! :)

  5. how could you not notice me- im huge! and its not my fault u guys were ga ga over eachother and ezzie was boring so i made my rounds to everyone i knew (which was everyone)! And he was a good nyc taxi driver until it took him 15 minutes to park- fine ill give the credit to the ditzy girls putting making up while attempting to take 15 minutes to pull out! I despise nyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!