Thursday, March 23, 2006

Out of Control

Following up on this post by SIL, check this out. To the right is
"A youth hits a press photographer with a burning cloth during clashes following a demonstration in Paris."
Underneath is
"Youths kick a demonstrator during clashes following a demonstration against the first job contract in Paris."
Normal. In typical French form, what is the Prime Minister planning on doing about it? Giving in:
Villepin has said he is ready to discuss modifying the most criticized aspects of the measure: the two-year period during which an employee can be fire and justification for the firing. Currently, none is needed.
Okay - so Villepin has actually done a decent job until now of standing up to the unions and the threats; but he should be presenting the unions with ultimatums, not the other way around. Either they do something about the demonstrators who are rioting, or there will be no further discussions. If the unions claim that they are not involved in the rioting, then they should have no problem with the police using as much force as necessary to stop the vandalism and thuggery of the rioters.

France is spinning out of control, and quickly; have they not learned that appeasement is the wrong way to negotiate?!


  1. Ummm.... no would be the easiest answer. Why does France have to worry about appeasement or having their country over-run by their own citizens? They know some other country will step in again to save their sorry cowardly a$$es.