Saturday, March 18, 2006

Still Down

Right after my post yesterday, my blog went down again. Now, it seems to be up - but only partially... I have to contact Blogger at some point and ask them what's up, but it brings to mind an interesting question - how would someone react if their blog disappeared - and they couldn't retrieve it?!

I'm not sure how I'd react... somewhere between disappointment and acceptance and being really, really, really sad. (Yeah, wide range...) How about you?

Of course, I'm not even sure the comments work right now - but if they do, I'd be curious what you think...

This is even more frustrating as I had a lot I wanted to write about recently; I had a couple of really good posts in my head. Argh!!


  1. Seems to be working fine now, BH.

    I'd be angry and really helpless. The first thing I'd do is to try to find the cached versions of my entries and to copy them somewhere safe. Now that you wrote about it, I should probably make a back up copy of my blog. Someone warned me about this possibility last year, but I didn't listen because Blogger was working fine. Now I'm not sure anymore!

  2. would be devastating! all the time and effort you put in, not to mention all of the comments.
    there must be a way to back it up on your computer somehow? i've been thinking it might be a better option to get my own domain name or something but building a website is quite time consuming! that's why blogger is good, it's simple.
    but also, if you have a good post to write, just type it into word or something and you can just put it up whenever, not relying on blogger to type it straight in.
    at least it seems to be resolved for the moment though...

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I was having the same problem, and had the same thought. I would probably be pretty upset about it since I have been blogging for a long time and have a lot of my thoughts recorded there from the past few years. If it did happen, I probably would not start again. Hopefully it won't happen.

  5. Mine is all messed up too... I'm hoping they'll fix it up soon.

    I know there is a way to retreive a deleted blog from google archives. This works two ways, (1) if you lose writing you want, it's always there to retrieve, or (2) if you write something you regret, you can never delete it because a copy is always stored. What do you say about that?

    Let's hope things don't get so drastic :)

  6. Irina - Actually, what Im Haaretz says is true; you *can* retrieve it somehow, I'm just not sure exactly how; and I'm not sure it would have everything, either. That's one reason I haven't gone to all the trouble... but it's interesting to think about doing it anyway.

    Sarah - The blogger simplicity is why I enjoy it. I wouldn't want to keep up an entire website; it's hard enough to do this, and this I enjoy. I've never liked blogging from Word or whatever, but that's mostly because I blog on a whim - they're not thought out posts (for better or worse), but what I think of that moment. That works both ways - when I *do* have a good post, but (say) Blogger's down, it usually will never get written. Ah well.

    Shoshana - I can understand not wanting to start again. I've wondered that myself: In a way, the frustration of knowing that it's all gone would be hammered into my head every time, just making it that much worse. I wonder if I'd stop as well.

    IH - In a way, I don't have to worry much about (2). It's one of the positives of not being anonymous - you tend to be more careful about what you write. That's why (1) is so important to me... but then again, Blogger is run by Google. Perhaps when it's lost to us it's lost to their cache as well. That's what's so scary... and what I don't like about their online hard drive idea. It's one thing if *my* stuff gets lost or damaged; it's another if someone else loses my stuff.