Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 3/1: Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B'Simcha!!!

YEEE-HAAA!!!!* It's... ADAR!! Im yirtze Hashem (if it pleases God), this looks to be a positive month. For the non-Jewish readers out there: Today starts the Jewish month of Adar. In the middle of the month is the festival of Purim, generally considered the most "fun" holiday of the year. We have a tradition that this is somewhat of a "lucky" month, and we are required to be happy throughout the month. Many people dress up in constume not only on Purim, but for fun will do so on other days throughout the month such as today, the first of the month. EDIT: At least one blogger had the brilliant idea of dressing up their blogger image for Adar! Really funky, Sarah!! She also has links to great explanations of Purim and Adar for those who are interested.

* Whoever can name what significance that line has gets points.

As if to prove it... Serach (of SerandEz fame) finally commented on this blog!! As if to acknowledge this fact, I grew into a Marauding Marsupial, too. Is this all in honor the 9-month anniversary of this blog? Who knows! And to add to the fun, another blogger has unveiled something very exciting - to be talked about in its own post.

This is one of my favorite roundups in a while, and I like them all - there's just so much good stuff out there. Please take the time to read a bunch of 'em... And, since it is Adar, only a proper Purim party post should start this roundup:
R' Goldson of BeyondBT describes Purim in his house.

And though it wasn't for Purim or Adar, Irina celebrated her Dad's birthday in fancy fashion - with pictures and all!

And this has to be near the top - Orthomom notes a wonderful Kiddush Hashem.
United States:
EditCopy has an advance transcript of a segment of President Bush's interview tonight. Bush comes across pretty well, IMO.

Daled Amos breaks down the UAE ports deal - and how US policy not to deal with those who boycott Israel, as DP World officially does, affects the deal.
Elie reflects about his father in Part 2 in honor of his second yahrtzeit.

Fudge loves her dad - who needs a new car.

Ger Tzadik tries to figure out why an introvert like him is such a blogger.

JoeSettler looks back at disengagement - and thinks it was great?!

Mirty recalls an old flame...

While Orthonomics wonders what it is about marriage that's most important - and wants everyone's opinion.

And Shira explains why she'll never be Orthodox.
AbbaGav, who should be on far more blogrolls for his hilarious posts, breaks down what pushes Islamist women over the edge.

Life in Israel has the David Lavon crashing video - 1 minute of him smashing into just about everything. It's hilarious.
Oleh Chadasha breaks down how easy it is to spot illegal housing - by the Arabs.

Elder of Ziyon notes some Muslim leaders speaking out against the hypocrisy. Will the hypocritical Western media follow suit?
Krum doesn't understand why charities need to talk about crazy miracles:
So why resort to cheap promises of gifts from above and prayers by tzadikim on your behalf? Why not just describe what good the charity does?
Nephtuli has another post in his breakdown of people's 'looks' threshold.

Romach breaks it down, too - but differently.

And Shoshana is simply sick of being told to put life aside for a date.


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